Pre Re-entry

I think coming back to the U.S. is going to be a lot harder then I’ve anticipated thus far. I’ve heard a lot of people can’t even go into major stores for a while after visiting Africa because they are suffocated by all the stuff. We saw a mall at a distance in Dar es Salaam it looked entirely out of place and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It just seemed so strange. I think we have tried to immunize the oncoming shock by keeping up to date with American culture and news. I’m not sure it will do much though. Today as we made name tags for the Evangelist conference this week we tried hyping each other up about things we will do when we get home. A lot of them were just silly little things like playing video games, drinking tap water and playing guitar. It is going to be really weird saying goodbye to people this week as I really don’t know if I will return to Tanzania. Only God knows. Goodbyes in the Midwest seem trite sometimes because you will very likely run into the person again… this is different.

We watched Amistad tonight. I related more to the slaves then to the white people trying to get them their freedom in court.

Peter is still ajisikia mgonjwa. Literally hearing for himself sickness. In Swahili you hear or see sickness. It is malaria and he is on the road to recovery, but keep him in your prayers.

In Swahili there is no “should”. Either you did something or you didn’t.


Luka had us over to his house Friday night. It might be the last time we see his family. It was a great time with amazing food. We all got a little choked up when he and his wife Eme said karibu tena (you are welcome again), because we knew that might not be so. Today his wife Emmy came down with both malaria and typhoid. Hopefully she has a speedy recovery


I don’t know why Eme is making such a funny face. It was really dark in their house at this time, I am surprised this picture turned out, I could barely see who I was taking a picture of. Their family let us join in their nightly family devotions. It included a song and a wonderful prayer by luka. I left my camera on and have the small devotional on video. We used the light from my camera to read the text of the song. It is the song that we sing every time after worship services, but we are still rusty on the verses.


~ by Steve and Lindsay on December 6, 2008.

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  1. Indeed, saying goodbye to those one may never see again is quite different from saying goodbye to those whom we will. It reminds me of visiting sick and shut ins and leavning them with the thought of whether I’d see them alive again. There is a finality which only heaven relieves. I would often leave saying, “If you see Jesus before I do please tell Him that I love Him”. Your re-entry into America’s materialistic culture will be an experience in itself, an experience again, few ever have. Your having known and lived in a culture so different and with such contrasting values will forever provide you with a base for evaulation, appraisal and choice of those values which are most important. It will also enable and allow you to influence others in their own standards and choices. g/g/B of FC

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