We call these things stegosaurus bugs because they look like little dinosaurs. Rumor has it they hiss at you when you try to kill them. They are a very tough and intimidating bug and are pretty common around here.

We really aren’t doing much these days. The evangelist convention is going on, but we really aren’t required to attend much. We have the feeling if we tried to help we might end up getting in the way a bit. So we are just sitting back and soaking in the African climate so far this week. This evening we will go to the Indian couple’s house for supper. Should be good food and even better company. Their baby Katu had grown so much since we first got here. We watched him learn how to walk; it was pretty neat.


~ by Steve and Lindsay on December 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stegosaurus”

  1. The bug looks like it would be a difficult one to kill. Wish we could join you for the Indian supper, enjoy.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Don’t let any of those things get into your baggage to join you on your trip home. I don’t think we need any more varieties of bugs around here…..soak it up and send a bit of that warmth our way….g/g/B of FC

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